Designer’s Secrets to Achieve A Pin-worthy Home

Both a pin-worthy and insta-worthy home have similiar properties , they differ themselves from the cookie-cutter home interior design. Packed with personality, they have several elements and feature which transform the home into the homeowner’s very own sanctuary. Of course, functionality plays a part. Afterall, beyond aesthetics, catering design sensibilities to each and every homeowner is part of an interior designer’s responsibility.

1. A Resting Nook/ Lepak Corner

With the hustle and bustle in life, one often forget to dedicate time for self-care. Thus, by creating a a cosy nook, where individuals can retreat to for some peaceful/zen activities is essential in our hectic lifestyle. A baywindow or simply a lepak corner will do the job! These versatile places are great as a reading corner or simply a space where you catch up with your friends over a weekend afternoon tea. Dress them up with beanbags, soft cushion or even your favorite soft toy. These corners will be your perfect insta corner.

WB TIL Eclectic Interior Design 14
Minimalist Scandinavian Interior Design Singapore 12
Minimalist Condo Interior Design Bay window

2. Go Bold with colours - A Unifying Colour Scheme

Most interior design focuses on the balance of colours and textures – using a colour palette at the same time. However, a stronger visual effect is usually achieved when a dominant colour unify the colour palette of the home. For instance, black dominates the interior of this home in 907 Jurong west infusing it with personality. The homeowner’s love for rock music and as an electric guitarist is evident in these home.

Modern Industrial Studio
White Scandinavian Interior Design 5

This all-white interior speaks to the minimalist in us. While most surfaces remains refinely white but hardworking spaces like the countertop of the kitchen is made with hardy materials (Silestone).

3. Home Styling & Interior Styling

Interior styling is a concept which is often overlooked by Singapore’s homeowner. Interior styling is the careful balance between the principle components of the home (furnishing) with the smaller components (home accessories). Moreoften or not, it has the ability to make or break the interior of the home. For furnishing, it is  advisable for homeowner to choose pieces that matches the overall colour scheme and theme of the home. While influencing the interior of the home with home accessories or decor that reflect their own personality or even a distinct touch of colour. Greenery,even faux is known to add a homey, and calm touch to the interior.

condo interior design 3

Soft furnishing such as rugs and day curtains can add softness to the interior which imbues a soothing and cosy vibe. Perfect for a home sanctuary.


The brown leather sofa blends in perfectly with the colour palette and contemporary interior of the home. In fact, it helps to inject luxe masculinity into the communal area.

Minimalist Interior Design Singapore | The Interior Lab

Small home accessories like faux green plants imbues a more homey and inviting vibe to the home.

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