2019 Most Drastic Home Transformations

Before we start off this month’s article, we would like to share a great piece of news – The Interior Lab has been featured as 8 best interior designer in Singapore in 2019 by Best in Singapore! What a great way to end off the year. We would like to extend our gratitude to our clients for making this possible.

Alright! Back to this month’s topic. With the raising number of couples who are taking an interest in resale apartments due to its larger floor space.  We would like to share the 3 most drastic transformation for home renovation for HDB interior, condominium interior and landed interior respectively. Read on to see how our interior designer managed to remodel homes to make them fit both the aesthetical and functional needs of the homeowners. After all, beyond aesthetics, an interior should match the functionality of the homeowners.

Home Renovation Journey 1 : Upper Boon Keng Rd  – 4 Resale HDB 

Let’s begin with the home renovation journey of this couple who resides in 114 upper boon keng rd.

Remodeling of the Home Interior

A wall was erected to segregate the living room interior and the bedroom. To keep the awkward curved beam and windows out of sight, a cosy baywindow like bedframe is created.

before and after transformation

White Scandinavian Interior

The key highlight of the home was how the interior seems seamless with a cohesive flow in terms of the interior design. All the doors to the individual rooms are frameless, and the overall colour palette of the home is made up of woody, white and grey tones with bronze touches.

Home Transfomration Living Room Interior Design Singapore

Home Renovation Journey 2: Veranda – 3RM Resale Condo    

After living in the room for 15 years, the homeowners decided to have a major home renovation as the apartment which they are living in does not meet their lifestyle needs. One of the key reason for the home renovation is the lack of storage space for the growing family. Functional space for friend’s and family gathering was not available for the homeowners who love hosting for festive seasons.

Remodeling of the Home Interior

The space dedicated for the outdoor balcony was integrated into the interior as an extension of the living room.

For a more functional kitchen, the interior designer extended the kitchen into the floor space of the child’s bedroom. To ensure that the growing teen has sufficient space to store his collections and books, full-height storage space with a customised study table is build.

Home Renovation Singapore

Nordic Scandinavian Interior

Form and Functionality is the key to Scandinavian interiors. To decluttered the living space for the family, storage cabinets lines the interior of the abode. Home accessories are used to adorn the interior injecting livability into the space.

Nordic Scandi Interior Design Singapore 16

Home Renovation Journey 3:  Jalan Girang – Landed , Terrace House

This 30 year old home undergo one of the biggest home renovation, with changes made to both its interior and exterior. With the initial interior of the home looking like its age, a major revamp of the interior was needed to achieve the modern look which the home owner sought after.

before Photo AA
Jalan Girang photo
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