10 statement-making TV feature walls for your living room

A living room’s feature wall is one of the most conspicuous areas in a home – they are called “feature walls” for good reason. As such, it’s imperative that they look good to make a lasting impression. But with homes being so small as they are now, it would be a bonus if we can get them to be functional too. Here are 10 feature walls that are as beautiful as they are practical.

1. Dark blooms

One of the easiest ways to add visual interest in a room is to use wallpaper. This living room says luxury and opulence thanks to the marble console and Victorian gothic-style feature wall covered in a wallpaper made up of black floral motifs. The wallpaper extends all the way to the ceiling for a sense of drama and to draw one’s eyes upward, lending height to the room.


2. Natural instincts

Invite the feel of nature in with a rough textured stone feature wall. It makes the space pop, while the sand colour offers much warmth in this modern home. Use alongside smooth surfaces so that the living room isn’t overwhelmed with too many textures.


3. Expansion plans

Glossy surfaces are a great way to open up and visually expand a space, as they tend to reflect light. To make your room appear even bigger, you can always use sheen alongside mirrors like in this feature wall. Tea-light coloured mirrors are less stark than clear ones, creating a more lavish feel.

4. Standing tall

A feature wall can function as a room divider, like this one! This particular design doesn’t feel as visually hefty as a full concrete divider. Plus, it performs triple duty, serving as a bookshelf/display cabinet on the other side.


5. Wood wonderland

Wood is an incredibly versatile material and they are great in all styles of home, from Scandinavian or contemporary. If you’re going for the latter, wood can be a great neutral colour to play around with. This feature wall channels a soothing vibe by pairing light-toned wood with white.


6. For all to see

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If you like to display memorabilia in your living room, consider built-in recessed shelves and niches in your feature wall. They are a great and practical way to keep things looking neat and tidy while accommodating for storage space.


7. Chameleon act

Want to conceal the TV so that it doesn’t interfere with your design? Here’s a clever idea without resorting to sliding cabinets or folding panels. Mount your media unit against a glossy black wall so that it blends right into it!


8. Get a move on

Don’t fancy built-ins? Think of getting a standalone TV shelf instead. You can use it as a bookshelf or a display cabinet. And if you don’t like it, you can always move it elsewhere.


9. Feeling exposed

The industrial style never gets old. Thankfully so, because we’re loving this gorgeous custom feature wall made from wooden planks and steel metal pipes. Round exposed light bulbs screwed in at the top help to illuminate the feature, while alluding to the warehouse-chic style.


10. Double Cross

TV wall shelves can be decorative as they are useful. These cross-patterned ones add an element of interest in this beautiful feature wall that combines a number of different textured surfaces.

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