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Decided to renovate my parents’ place before the new year. Naturally, looking for designer Yen from TIL was an obvious choice since I had engaged her for my own place 1-2 years ago. What matters most to me is that TIL does not have hidden cost that would creep up unexpectedly during the renovation. The quality of their workmanship (masonry, carpentry work etc) is good value for money. I wouldn’t say that TIL’s prices are the cheapest in the market but I prefer to have a peace of mind when it comes to renovations (considered to be a stressful life event). I would definitely recommend Yen and TIL for renovation works.

Liem Yew Kan

Our ID was Suki Gan. Suki has a great vision and her simple, clean, minimalist approach perfectly jived to what we eventually wanted. We had a little idea on what we wanted and our first meeting with Suki was easy and very pleasant. We fell in love with her initial proposal and started the renovation. One snag was we were to go on a pre-planned holiday and Suki efficiently handled everything on our absence. Prompt progressive updates daily were surely appreciated. Overall, Suki has great ideas and flawless execution!

Marlon Ancheta

As it was our first home, we went for quite a few ID consultations and eventually decided on Roy from TIL. From the first time meeting with him, he made us feel comfortable in expressing our ideas for the house and quickly understood the aesthetics we were going for. Throughout the reno process, Roy was extremely patient, responsive and accommodating to our requests. Whilst there were some minor hiccups along the way, he was always quick to help rectify and put us at ease. Our reno was completed right on schedule and we are very pleased with the workmanship and quality of the carpentry! The sight of our new kitchen and toilet makes us happy and we look forward to moving into our new place. What we also like about Roy and TIL is their transparency in terms of cost with no hidden costs whatsoever and that gave us great flexibility in terms of budgeting for furniture and outside reno purchase. If you are looking for someone who is responsible, adhers to timeline, has good contractors and transparent with cost, we have no qualms in recommending Roy!

Man Wei Ting

Mabel was appointed as our interior designer. Initially, our ideal interior design style was industrial but Mabel advised us that an industrial design could possibly make cleaning challenging. Alternatively, Mabel proposed a modern industrial design which incorporated industrial aspects practically. Another challenge that we faced was fitting our desired furniture which includes a TV console into a bedroom that was relatively small. Generally, we were really impressed by how the furnishing was strategically placed to create a stylish yet functional home. Throughout the whole renovation, we were thankful that Mabel was responsive and provided constructive suggestion to infuse practicality into the design. The final result was impressive and beyond our expectations. We will definitely recommend Mabel from the Interior Lab for renovation works.

Khoon Hai

In the month preceding the purchase of our house, we attended several renovation roadshows, met with many interior designers referred by friends and researched quite a few interior designers online. However, we weren’t entirely convinced with any designer until we with Roy at a roadshow organized by Renopedia at Hipvan @ Cathay. From the onset, Roy was energetic and courteous, was able to show us photos of past projects for every idea we discussed with him and was very organized which is a key trait we were looking for in our designer. We were looking for a combination of a scandinavian and minimalist theme for our home and the renovation was executed perfectly with the end result being exactly what we had imagined it to be. There were few minor defects which are to be expected in a project of this scale but they were swiftly fixed by Roy. We would highly recommend Roy as he was very responsive, advised us extensively on furniture color and dimensions and ensured that all the work was done on time and within budget.

Pawan Gupta
We were very thankful to find Yen from The Interior Lab, because our flat has an unusual layout which other IDs whom we consulted found difficult to work with. She and Sukie appreciated the uniqueness of the layout which was so encouraging to us, and they helped us to find ways to make it look great as well as be functional. They were able to improve on our ideas and suggest worthwhile alternatives. They would also try to understand our priorities and advise accordingly. Yen coordinated all the works well and we didn’t have to worry about supervising the process at all. She is clearly very experienced and even though ours is a resale flat which has not been renovated for a very long time, there were no issues with the extensive works that had to be done. I had trouble articulating what I wanted for our kitchen cabinets, but she very quickly understood what I meant and also gave additional helpful suggestions. She was overall responsive and responsible, and we could tell that she takes pride in her work. Though it is not the cheapest quote we got, we appreciate the overall smooth process and we’re thankful to Yen and Sukie for guiding us through this renovation journey!
Melanie Chan

Roy is a trustworthy and very patient ID. There were couple of times we have to do a last minute cancellation appointment, he is kind and understanding enough to re-schedule; which we totally appreciated his thoughtfulness. We do not have any theme in mind, except a bright and airy house. As there were not much amendments on his first draft design required, the renovation commenced a week later. What we like about Roy is that, he replied to our WhatsApp messages at night and on weekends. Though he may not have an answer to our enquiry, he will reply ‘I will check and let you know tomorrow. Regular updates on the renovation progress was given to us via WhatsApp video and etc. In addition, Roy will advise which are the areas/ items which can are not required. This helps us to save some money. Overall, we are happy with Roy’s service.

Joseph Yeo

Sweet designer Suki Gan helped us designed our little dream home, totally trusted her aesthetic taste with design details carries through each small space which forms a nice and comfortable house as we imagined. We would recommend her to other of our friends.

Hank He XU

Having a concept and idea of your dream home and turning it into reality is no easy thing.

Luckily for me, Matty from the interior lab follow me throughout the little journey of my humble home renovation.

To start off, I’m no easy person to work with when it comes to ideas or whatever that concerns design and art. I visualise how I want my home to look like and by words I’m sure not any ID can fully materialise it.

Matty is a straightforward person with quirky ideas and with a lot of years of experience. You call on your ideas to her, she doesn’t just sketch it but she makes sure she improved on it without going too far off what you want.

When it comes to my budget, Matty has always been honest with me what she can achieve or not. But at the same time, she will try her best to conceptualise within my means without compromising on the initial ideas of how I want my home to be. She knows her way to make things right.

There are so little to worry about having Matty to handle the renovation. Deadlines met? Checked. Satisfactions met? Checked. A place you called heaven? Totally checked!!
Thanks to the interior lab.

Shey Wan Lim

It’s been a great experience working with Matty (ID for my home). She is very knowledgeable in her area of work and was very easy to work with to find solutions to suit our needs.

Lan Chen

If you do love details… Roy is the guy!! The reason we chose Roy out of other ID was how impressed we were with his detailed ideas and plans. He gave us ideas based on our vision and gave us space to explore. We would like to thank him for keeping us sane and help us when we were unsure. For 1st time owners of a house..you may get lost sometimes but please rest assured that Roy will guide you all the way 🙂

Suhaila Abdul Rahim

Vincent was very attentive to my preferences and gave many great ideas regarding the layout of the house and the incorporation of certain features so that parts of the house would stand out. He understood the need of following the theme I wanted and yet gave functional ideas that help enhance our day to day living. Top marks for customer service!

Ivan Ong
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